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Stainless Steel or Original Material, what should I buy?

Itís your choice. What are your plans for the car? Are you restoring to concourse or is it a driven show car. If your plan is to restore it to concourse you need to know what the judges are looking for in that class. If you plan to sell your car with in a few years, then Original Material is probably your best bet. The lines will look nice for 2 to 5 years depending on how your car is cared for. Stainless steel only looks better long term. However, if you plan to keep your car long term, say more than 5 years, then Stainless Steel will still look like new! Don't waste your time adding clear coat paint. Over time the clear will discolor and flake and peel. The cost difference is minimal compared to the annual maintenance.
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Will my new Stainless Steel lines leak? I've heard they are harder to seal.

Stainless Steel lines ARE harder to seal, particularly when they are being installed in a used component. Stainless material is harder than the original material, and lacks the soft lead/tin coating. The seat in a used valve, or other used part usually has an impression left by the original flare. The harder stainless material does not conform as easily to the old impression. By following a few simple extra steps this problem can be virtually eliminated. We recommend the use of "Permatex #14a Thread Sealant with Teflon". This product comes in a small tube, and is available at most hardware stores. A dab placed on the tube under the fitting, plus a dab on the threads will usually eliminate any sealing problems.
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Should I use Teflon tape on my new lines?

You should never use Teflon tape to seal lines, Teflon seals the threads to the component but does not stop the leak. It's the cone of the component and the flare of the tube compressed together that seals the connection. The tube nut only holds the flare to the seat. Teflon is only used on pipe threads (tapered fittings) not brake line fittings.
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My car has been converted from drum brakes to disc in the front. Which lines should I order?

You should probably call us with the particulars so that we can be sure that you're buying what you need for your car. There are usually changes in the valve used with disc brakes as compared to drum brakes. There are also numerous after market disc brake conversion packages available. If you can tell us exactly which components you're using we will do our best to put together a line set that will fit your needs.
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I don't see my car listed, can you help me?

YES! (usually) We have an extensive library of original lines from cars that we don't offer as regular production items. These can be made to order custom for you. If we do not have the patterns you need, you can supply the original lines from your car. In most cases we can duplicate them for you. Call us!
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What is a C.N.C. Bender? Does Fine Lines use C.N.C. Benders?

"C.N.C."stands for "Computer Numerical Control". Basically, it is a machine controlled by a computer using numerical coordinates to make parts. No, we do not use C.N.C. benders! However, every line listed in this catalog has been programmed for production on our programmable tube bending machines. Nothing listed in this book is ever "hand bent". Our bending machines are specially designed by www.finelinesinc.com , and custom built to accurately reproduce the type of parts that we make. Actually, we have found our machines to be more flexible, and more efficient for producing short runs of a wide variety of our type of parts.
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Do we use Stainless Steel fittings?

No we do not. We use only the original factory style, color coded fittings on our lines. These fittings are zinc plated, with special dichromate colors added. They come in yellow (gold), blue, black, red, purple, green, orange, olive, and more! These factory color codes add a final detailing touch to the original look. Don't worry, your new stainless steel lines won't seize to the steel fitting. They can't, even if the plated steel fitting would begin to oxidize, it will never seize to the stainless tube!
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My old lines have this "spring stuff" wrapped around them. What is it for? Will my new lines also have it?

The "spring stuff" on your old lines is what we call "Spiral Armor". Some places call it "gravel guard" or "hose guard". It is usually used to protect areas of the lines that might be vulnerable to stone nicks, or other road hazard damage. It is not meant for cooling purposes! We always use spiral armor in the same places that it was used on the factory lines. We have found several different types of spiral armor used on lines from different automakers, and we do our best to reproduce the right type for each application. By the way, our spiral armor is always Stainless Steel!
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How do I remove a shipping bend?

Shipping bends are clearly labeled to avoid confusing it with other bends.Start by unrolling most of the shipping bend along to ground or flat surface. Finish by hand straightening this section to its original configuration. Itís that easy! In just a few minutes your new line is ready to install. We will include an instruction sheet with each shipment.
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How do we ship the long fuel and brake lines?

We ship the product in a number of different size boxes depending on your order. Listed are the typical box sizes.

The longest fuel lines, brake lines and transmission lines are shipped in boxes 14x14x70.
Complete brake line sets in box 18x8x50.
Front line kits in box 18x6x35.
Normal length transmission lines in box 10x5x53
Axle lines, pump-carb lines and assorted small parts in various sizes. 6x6x12, 6x6x24, 6x6x36 and 6x6x48.

Your box size will depend on your particular application and order size. It's more cost effective to buy all your lines at once and can often be shipped in a single box.
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Still not sure?

CALL US AT (250) 474-3523 in Victoria or 1 (888) 474-5343

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